DSB Rankings

From The Captain to Millen –  This will be a monthly ranking of who did the best (The Captain) to the worst (Millen) of the month.  Rankings can be based on performance on the field, in the front office or activities outside of the sport.  Towards the end of each month we will take nominations from the fans and a few of our own and put it up to a vote.

DSB How hot seat? – Again each month we will take a look at the front offices and the managers of each of the four major sports teams.  We will come up with some sort of ranking system (suggestions are welcome, so far we have cold, lukewarm, hot and really hot) on each position for each team.

DSB Pound-for-pound – This will be a look at the top pound-for-pound MMA fighters and what we think about each.  This is something that I (Rob) have had an interest in and want to write about, if no one looks oh well.  We may have some outside contributors and if anyone wants to offer a monthly opinion send us an email at DetroitSportsBloggers@gmail.com


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