Oh Pistons, what happened?

The Pistons got a win yesterday after firing their head coach Maurice Cheeks on Sunday, 109-100 over the San Antonio Spurs.  This game, a rematch of the 2005 NBA Finals, shows the different directions that teams can make and the results they receive. 

San Antonio has the same coach and same core as they did in 2005 when they beat the Pistons for the NBA Title.  Are Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker and Tim Duncan the same guys they were in 2005?  Of course not, but the Spurs stuck with the same core of guys and have been a tough out in the playoffs every year since. 

Detroit on the other hand is on their sixth coach since 2005.  Sixth!  The only constant during that time, which is likely to end soon, is general manager Joe Dumars.  Joe did a ton for the Pistons on the court and made some great moves to bring this team a championship in 2004, but his time is up. 

This is currently the third attempt at rebuilding the franchise after letting the aging core go on too long together and the results are still bad.  Yes, Detroit is just four games out of the fourth seed in the Eastern Conference, but that is more of an indictment on the East as a whole than a positive note for the Pistons.

So what will it take to get this once proud franchise back headed in the right direction?  One way is a potential trade of Greg Monroe, but reports say it will have to be a ‘blockbuster’ deal for the Pistons to move the talented young forward.  No deal for expiring money and draft picks (thank god) but a deal that will actually make the team better in the present.

So where do we stand?  Detroit is teetering on a complete overhaul in the front office, a new coach, perhaps more roster turnover if a deal can be found for Monroe.  The rebuild reboots again in 2015?  Or can interim coach John Loyer piece this puzzle together and create winning basketball in Detroit consistently, and not just backing into a playoff spot in the L-Eastern Conference.  All I know is it should be interesting to watch if it is good, bad or rebuilding again.

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