Schwartz Hired by Bills

Former Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz has been hired by the Buffalo Bills as a defensive coordinator. Schwartz went 29-51 in his tenure as Lions coach. Here is what the Bills had to say about the hiring.

“We are excited to add a talented and accomplished coordinator in Jim Schwartz to our staff,” Bills coach Doug Marrone said in a statement. “Schwartz has led aggressive and productive defensive units throughout his time in the NFL, and we feel our defense will continue to improve under his leadership.”

Before coming to Detroit, Schwartz was the defensive coordinator for the Tennessee Titans.

However, the story here is that the Bills will play the Lions next season and it could be a match-up on national TV because it could end up being played on Thanksgiving. It would make a good storyline and it would be interesting to see how the Schwartz led defensive would attack the Lions offensive. Whenever the game takes place, it will be something that will be talked about all week before the game.

It will be exciting to see what the records of the two teams will be at the time this two play. And if there will be any back slaps or fake field goals in or after the game.  Here is something that will never be forgotten from the Jim Schwartz era.

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