Jim Caldwell Hired by Lions

Well the Detroit Lions have hired a coach. I know for a fact that it wasn’t my or any fans first choice but it is what the organization ultimately decided to go with the Jim Caldwell as their next head coach. Last season, Caldwell was the offensive coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens.

“Do you believe in providence? I certainly do,” Caldwell said. “I think there is a reason why I’m here. I think without question that is to win a championship.”

Well I’m not really sure about the whole championship part but I think we will see a much improved Matthew Stafford, due to Caldwell’s previous success with quarterbacks at his previous stops in the NFL.  Also, he truly believes this team can win the whole thing as soon as next season.

“They believe and I believe the time is now,” Caldwell said. “Not two years or three years from now down the road somewhere. We’re right here, right now. As I had an opportunity to look at this situation from afar when the job first opened up, I took a look at what I considered to be not only the best job in the league I thought, but then also the best fit for me.”

Well it will be the Lions first African-American head coach and the team’s 26th in their history. I also believe that the sidelines well be a lot less emotional at least from a coaching staff standpoint. However, he does bring Super Bowl experience to the sidelines of the Motor City.

“I can tell you why I think I have an opportunity to do so — that I know I have an opportunity to do so,” Caldwell said. “Because I’ve been there before, I’ve done it before.”

So although I didn’t like the hiring at first, maybe the sexy hire wasn’t what the Lions needed at this time. Although does not have a very successful record in college, he does bring a 26-22 record in three seasons with the Colts. However, many people are saying same old Lions but I actually think this maybe the opposite after pondering this hire for the last couple of days.

What do you think? Am I drinking the Lions Kool-Aid? Let me know at detroitsportsbloggers.com, on Facebook or @DSBloggers.

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