Lions Vs. Ravens

HUGE game tomorrow night at Ford Field. This is a MUST WIN game for the Detroit Lions. However, the task will not be easy as they host the Baltimore Ravens. Here are my keys to the game:

1. The Crowd: There will be an electric crowd tomorrow and the Lions must use this to their advantage. This is the first Monday Night game for the Lions since they beat the Bears, 24-13 in 2011. The Bears had nine false starts in that game.

2. Defense: The Lions defense must respond positively from the 4th quarter debacle in Philly. They must make plays early and often for the Lions to even have a shot in this game because both teams desperately need a win in this game.

3. Stars Must Show Up: Both teams have big-time play-makers but I believe the Lions have more on their team. Calvin, Stafford, Bush must play a huge role in the offense if they want to come out on top in this one.

4. Special Teams: The Lions have received a spark from kick returner Jeremy Ross in the last couple of weeks, so he will have to play a big role for the Lions. However, it will also be key for the Lions to stop the other return man in the game, Jacoby Jones.

5. Mental Mistakes: We see them every week by the Lions but they must keep them to a minimal if they want to win this game. Just one or two of them could be very costly for the Lions against a decent team like the Ravens.

Prediction: When all is said and done, it will be the same old Lions or a team that could take the lead in the division again and control their destiny. I will like to think it is the second one.

Score: Lions 31, Ravens 21.

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