Big Ten Championship Preview

Well game day is finally here and I’m excited as anyone, even though I don’t necessarily like or attend either school.  These two teams have both earned their spot to play in this game and it should be one to remember. Here are my five keys to the game:

1. Braxton Miller. Honestly, he is arguably the most talented offensive player on either team and if Ohio State wants to win this game he will have to do what he’s been doing all year, which is just putting up numbers. He’s a great play-maker and will have to continue to make them. However, Michigan State will be the best defense he’s faced all year and it will be interesting to see what they have in store for him tonight.

2. Connor Cook. He will have to make sure he does not turn the ball over. He has been good after his first couple of starts and hopefully doesn’t fall under the pressure of the game and the Ohio State’s pass rush.

3. Run defense. If both teams are able to stop the run games, then this game will come down to a final possession. Michigan State has been able to dominate in this category all year and it should be one hell of a match-up against Ohio State’s running back Carlos Hyde. Also, Michigan’s State Jeremy Langford is a very good running back as well so Ohio State has its hands full trying to stop him as well.

4. The Spartans have been here before. We all remember in 2011 when the Spartans lost a heart-breaker to the Wisconsin Badgers 42-39. However, they could use that to their advantage because they are familiar with the stadium and atmosphere. Here is a quote from Michigan State’s head coach Mark Dantonio.

“I think it’s a big advantage, but there’s no question that we all have played in big games. We have played in big games. The games that we’ve played, whether it’s been down in Indianapolis, we’ve played in that. We’ve played in games here versus Michigan and in games versus Georgia or whoever, Alabama in the bowl game years back. So we’ve all played in big games, and I just don’t guys are going to get excited, players are going to get excited, players are going to feel pressure. Don’t want them to feel any stress. They’re going to feel pressure, though.”

5. Trick plays. Both teams are known to try something a little different every once in a while, especially Michigan State. Everyone knows that both teams have one play they have waiting to use all year. The one that can successfully pull the that play off at the right  time will have a huge positive momentum switch.

Prediction: In the end, Ohio State has won 24 straight games and this team knows how to win with Urban Meyer at the helm. However, that winning will be in jeopardy tonight and quite possibly could end. With that said, I think Braxton Miller will make plays with his arm and that will be the ultimate difference in this classic match-up. This game will be one to remember. 

Score: Ohio State 28, Michigan State 21.

  But until then enjoy this link:

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