Weekend Review 12/1/13

What an exciting weekend, not only in the national sports scene but for the Michigan and Detroit sports scenes. I want to give my thoughts about many events that happened this weekend so this recap will be all over the place but I will try to keep it in some kind of order.

Thursday: The Lions destroy the Green Bay Packers. I will admit again that I did not see the victory coming at all but the Lions played well as a group. Offensively, they can’t turn the ball over as much as they have in the last few games. With that said, the Lions got help today from the Minnesota Vikings as they took down the Chicago Bears in overtime.

Friday: Michigan and Michigan State’s men’s basketball both came up with easy wins over lesser opponents. Both teams are off to a good start to the season and both will have great test in the upcoming Big Ten/ACC challenge as Michigan will play Duke and Michigan State will take on North Carolina.

Saturday: The Michigan State football team capped their regular season with a 14-3 victory over the Golden Gophers on Saturday. They will now gone on to face the Ohio State Buckeyes in the Big Ten Championship game. Congrats to the Spartans for a tremendous season.

“The Game” also took place on Saturday and Michigan gave their best effort of the year but it wasn’t enough as the Ohio State Buckeyes escaped with a 42-41 win at the Big House. The Wolverines scored with a few seconds left but then went for a 2 point conversion and did not get it. The Buckeyes will now play the Spartans next Saturday.

On the hardwood, the Detroit Titans earned another tough road win, this time at South Florida. The young squad is starting to look like they could potentially make some noise once conference season rolls around.

Sunday: The Detroit Red Wings won again today against the Ottawa Senators 4-2. That is their fourth straight win and they are starting to heat up which is a good sign for HockeyTown.

The Detroit Pistons also won today, defeating the Philadelphia 76ers 115-100. Andre Drummond had a career night, recording 31 points, 19 rebounds, and 6 steals. During the game Drummond was fouled by the 76ers, trying to get Drummond to the foul line. He was not too happy about it after the game.

“That’s a slap in the face for any player, so you get fired up,” said Drummond, who also blocked two shots. “You can’t get angry and lose your focus, though. I just told myself it was a good chance to work on my free-throw shooting and put some points on the board.”

Everyone will be back in action this next week, lets hope it can be just as exciting as this weekend was.

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