Lions vs Buccaneers

This is a big game for the Detroit Lions. They let a game slip away last week against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Head coach Jim Schwartz made a controversial call, going for a fake field goal on fourth down instead of a kicking the field goal. Here is what he said about that:

“If we were successful in that situation, and we go up 11 right there, I know what you guys would write,” Schwartz said. “You guys would write: ‘It’s a different attitude, Lions are going for the win, they’re not trying to just be settling for field goals.'”

Well with said, the Lions are the favorite in this one and must win to keep their hopes of an NFC title alive.

1. Handle McCoy: The Lions O-line will have their hands full with Bucs defensive tackle Gerald McCoy. If the Lions want to win, they must take him off of his game.

2. Matthew Stafford: The secondary for the Bucs is not the worst in the league so Stafford will have to throw the ball well in the game. However, don’t be surprised if they try to attack early to Calvin Johnson.

3. Reggie Bush: Every time he rushes over 100 yards, the Lions seem to win. I know it is not that surprising but it should not be tough to do against a 2-8 opponent.

4. Third Down D: The Lions defense must keep the Bucs from converting third and longs, they had two hurt them last week and it must not happen again.

5. Keep the big plays down: The Lions have been great in stopping the run this season but have allowed some big plays to occur. Obviously, they must keep big plays to a minimal.

Prediction: Lions, 31 Bucs, 17

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