Lions vs Steelers

Tomorrow the first place Lions, that’s right the first place Lions, are traveling to Pittsburgh to play the Steelers. The Steelers are having a down year in terms of Steeler standards but they will give the Lions a run for their money. Here are my five keys to a Lions victory.

1. D-Line Play: The Lions d-line has been great this season and they must keep getting the production from Suh and Fairley.  Those two have been all over the field and must keep the pressure on Big Ben tomorrow.

2. Maintain Composure:  The Lions have a history of committing stupid penalties in important situations so it is very important that does not happen in this game. If it happens early, the Steelers will more than likely jump all over them and make the Lions pay for their mistakes.

3. Run Game: Reggie Bush needs to have about a 4.0 yard average on the ground in order for the Lions to win. The Steelers run defense is not the greatest so hopefully the offensive line can dominant up front.

4. Calvin: He doesn’t have to have a huge game but he must make himself known on the field, which he usually does. I would say he does have to have a touchdown though for the Lions to come out victorious.

5. Stafford: He will have to find other wide receivers to be able to beat the pass defense of the Steelers. It should not be a problem and I believe that not only will #9 set the all-time Lions record for passing yards he will throw for two touchdowns as well.

Final: Lions 35, Steelers 21.

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