Tigers vs A’s Game Five

It all comes down to this.

Game 5, tonight at 8, on TBS.

Verlander against Gray. Rematch of game 2.

However, don’t expect a similar result like game 2 though.

I believe that one of the offenses will break through tonight against these tough pitchers. And I believe it will be the Detroit Tigers.

Gray looked amazing last Saturday and is undoubtedly pumped for his start tonight.

He had the Tigers offense fooled on Saturday. Both parties will have to make adjustments to stay on top. However, I think the experience will be in favor of the Tigers. The A’s are also 1-11 since 2003 in playoff elimination games. The latest lost came hand of the Tigers last season, 6-0. Justin Verlander also started that game for the Tigers.

He is his thoughts about tonight’s game:

“The season is on the line,” Verlander said. “This whole season, the way we battled and played as a team, comes down to one game, may the best team win. You can’t treat it just like another game, you know. It’s a little bit different. There is more to it.”

And he’s right. There is something special about tonight. It’s a matter of pride for the city and especially after what has already happened in the city of Detroit, (Ex Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was sentenced to 28 years in federal prison) another victory for the city would be a great thing.

However, the A’s are a solid team and the Tigers are struggling offensively right now.  It may be a bad combination but I feel like there is some magic and momentum for the Tigers right now.

Prediction: Tigers 5 A’s 3. The big hit? Torii Hunter comes through for the Tigers and will send them to Boston and in to the Final Four.

If not, they’re going home.

What’s your prediction? Let us know at Detroitsportsbloggers.com, on our Facebook page, or on Twitter at @DSBloggers.

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