Keys to Lions at Packers

HUGE game for the Detroit Lions squad tomorrow at 1 p.m. eastern time. Here are my five keys for a Lions victory,  something they have not had in Green Bay since the year I was born.

1. The Weather: There is a 40% of rain tomorrow at Lambeau Field. This will be a big factor in determining the outcome of the game. Both the Packers and Lions love to throw the ball and the weather will determine how many times each team will do that.

2. Early Storm: The Lions must not get into an early hole or it will be over before it starts. The Packers play well at home and will pour it on if the Lions turn the ball over early. The Lions must establish the run and keep the ball early on.

3. Reggie: The newly loved Lion will be important tomorrow. He must keep up the games he has had and the O-Line must continue to block the way they have been.

4. Secondary: They haven’t been too bad through the first four games of the year and they must keep it that way. Delmas seem to have gotten his confidence back last week with two interceptions.

5. Suh: He will have to make his presence felt. He will be double-teamed but he has done a great job on the young year to play through that. He will have to be chasing Aaron Rodgers mot of the game for the Lions to pull out the W.

Prediction: If the Lions win tomorrow they will WIN the NFC North. I believe the Lions end this awful streak but not without some typical Lions excitement.

Lions 31 Packers 28. 

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