Five Keys to Lions vs Bears

Well this is a huge game in the 2013 season for the Detroit Lions. They are hosting the 3-0 Chicago Bears and basically playing for an early NFC North lead. Here are my five things that will be most important to the outcome tomorrow.

1. Containing the Bears passing game: Jay Cutler will be looking to torch up the Lions secondary and the Lions must not let that happen. Because if it does, the game will be over. I honestly think that Suh will be in the backfield a lot tomorrow, and maybe might even get another fine. I wouldn’t put it past him.

2. The Lions must use Reggie Bush early: The crowd is going to be all sorts of fired up at Ford Field. They must try to establish a running game early and get the already fan favorite Bush in the open field so he can try to keep the crowd excited.

3. The passing game for the Lions must include someone other than Calvin: I would say  Nate Burleson but we don’t want to talk about that. If all goes well, maybe the new tight end Joseph Fauria and wide receiver Ryan Broyles could have big games.

4. Lions must stop Forte: Forte is a big time back who is easily capable to make a game changing play at any given time. The Lions must do what they did to Peterson in game one against the Vikings.

5. Lions must take risk: This is a HUGE game for the Lions to me. If they want to win the division this is almost a must win game. They will have to take a shot on fourth-down, roll the dice and go for it all when they least expect it. It’s been a while since the Lions have won their division. But there is no better time than to a risk and try to do something different. They have nothing to lose.

Prediction: Lions 31, Bears 24

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