Keys to Cards and Lions

The Lions had an impressive start to the season last week, defeating the Vikings 34-24.  They allowed a 78 yard touchdown run on the first play of the game from Adrian Peterson, but were still able to hold “All Day” to 93 yards on the ground total.

The team faces a different challenge this weekend in Larry Fitzgerald and Carson Palmer through the air.  The secondary didn’t really get challenged by Christian Ponder last week but Carson Palmer and Fitzgerald will test the revamped secondary.

Here are my five keys to the game if the Lions are going to leave the desert with a win for the first time since 1993.

  1. Reggie Bush needs to have at least 140 total yards

Reggie did it all last week, with 191 total yards and a touchdown.  Detroit shouldn’t need that much production out of Bush every week, though I’m sure they wish they could get it, he still needs to be a vital part of this offense.  He will help take some of the heat off of Stafford and give Megatron more time to get open against Patrick Peterson.

2.  Megatron needs to beat Peterson

Patrick Peterson is one of the best corner backs in the league, and will have a big challenge on his hands in Megatron.  The Lions need a big game out of Calvin as Detroit is still looking for a receiver across from him.  Peterson vs. Johnson should be the matchup to watch in this game.

3. Protect Matt Stafford

The Lions are without starting right tackle Jason Fox for this game and are still inexperienced as a unit.  With a 3-4 defense coming at this line, it will be important to communicate who is blocking who to both protect Stafford and open up some lanes for Bush and Joique Bell on the ground.

4. Contain Larry Fitzgerald

Arizona doesn’t have a big name receiver outside of Fitzgerald, so if the Lions can shut him down they should slow down the Cardinals passing offense.  Arizona doesn’t have a strong running game, so being able to keep more guys in coverage should give this unit more of a fighting chance to try to contain the Cardinal passing offense.

5. No stupid mistakes

This goes for both penalties and turnovers.  The Lions had the second most penalties in week 1 and two turnovers in the game as well.  The defense was able to force four turnovers to win the turnover battle, but Detroit is on the road in a place they haven’t won this century they need to play a nearly perfect game.  Even though this team has been able to overcome these mistakes in the past, that streak can’t continue forever.

I think if the Lions are able to do three of these five things they should be able to pull out a victory in Arizona.  But what do you think Lions fans, are these the keys to a Lions victory or will it be something else?  Let us know at or on Facebook and Twitter.

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