Detroit Lions Update

The Detroit Lions have made some noise this past week by blowing out the New England Patriots 40-9. The defense was the star of the game, forcing four first half turnovers. Here is what safety Louis Delmas had to say about the defensive effort.

”The defense set a standard today. We can be one of the better defenses (in the league) if we keep working,” said Louis Delmas.

It was a good thing to see the Lions force turnovers on Thursday but another interesting thing took place in Thursday’s contest. The benching of defensive end Willie Young made some headlines. During the game, Young received a flag for not letting go of the one and only Tom Brady after the whistle was blown. He then started jawing and saying something to Brady.

Willie would not say what he said to Brady but he is what he did say about the incident:

“I just can’t do things to hurt the team,” Young said after Saturday’s practice. “And right now, I’m moving on to Buffalo.”

“What I said stays between the lines.”

Needless to say, head coach Jim Schwartz was not happy by the actions of Young.

“We’re trying to avoid penalties (as) best we can,” Schwartz said Saturday. “You’re not going to see us take a guy out of a game because of a facemask or a holding play or something like that. But when you get foolishness like (Young’s taunting), that’s well after the play, the only thing that accomplishes is hurting the team and that’s not what we’re going to be about.”

But Young was not the only one who got personal fouls on the D-line. Nick Fairley and C.J. Mosley also picked one up a piece.

In addition,  it’s that time of year when football teams are making cuts. The Lions cut four players yesterday, most notably defensive end Ronnell Lewis, who was a fourth-round pick of the Lions just last year. The three others were safety Chris Hope, wide receiver Cody Wilson, and cornerback Myron Lewis. The Lions must cut five more players by Tuesday at 4 p.m.

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