Changing of the guard?

It’s been a big week for new media outlets here in Detroit and across the country.  Starting locally here in Detroit, 105.1 FM has switched over to a sports talk station, while Fox Sports 1 has finally launched tonight.

Here in Detroit, the sports talk scene has been dominated on the FM by 97.1 The Ticket but now a new option has arrived.  Detroit Sports 105.1 is affiliated with ESPN and they may not have the ability to broadcast live Detroit sports, they do have the ability to use things like Monday Night Football, Sunday Night Baseball and more with ESPN Radio.

The biggest draw that Greater Media and 105.1 have is the return of Drew Lane, formerly of the Drew and Mike morning show on WRIF.  The Drew Lane Show now is similar to the former morning show with more of a focus on sports, but still just off the wall at times.  It will be interesting to see how people outside of the loyal Drew and Mike listeners will take this new show.

Currently the new station only has seven hours of local broadcasting but the station has vowed to increase that amount.  But for now we get more ESPN shows as well.

Now also this evening the new challenger to ESPN is the new Fox Sports 1.  This new station will feature the combination of the Fox networks: soccer, auto racing, baseball, UFC and more.  It will also feature live shows recapping the night in sports along with daily shows throughout the week.

I think that this will push ESPN to be better than just the debate mess that it has become.  The focus will hopefully get off of the topics like Tim Tebow and actually focus on real sports.  If that is the least that Fox Sports 1 does is force ESPN to be better, then we all win as sports fans.  I only root for Fox Sports 1 because of the added UFC coverage as I love the stuff.

Detroit sports fans have been given a choice when it seemed like we didn’t have one.  Nothing against the Ticket, but sometimes I want to hear a different opinion or a story mentioned in a different light.  With the ESPN connection hopefully they can continue to get the big guest stars they had in the first week like Tom Lewand, Tom Izzo, John Beilein along with players Torii Hunter and more (those are all I heard) to keep bringing Detroit great local programming.

This may also help bring Detroit an ESPN page like Boston, Dallas and Chicago have.  Detroit has the teams, the talent and the fans to support such a page, so hopefully the radio station is just a start.

What do you think Detroit Sports fans, is the new radio station a step in the right direction, or does The Ticket have a strangle hold on the market and this doesn’t have a chance?  And will you give Fox Sports 1 a chance?  Let us know at or on Facebook and Twitter.

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