Pistons still after Rondo?

The Pistons made a great move earlier by swinging a sign-and-trade deal with the Milwaukee Bucks for point guard Brandon Jennings.  His contract was only 3 years and $24 million, which is a steal especially compared to the 5 year $80 million that John Wall received from the Wizards.

But even after that deal according to Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe, the Pistons are still looking into point guard Rajon Rondo of the Boston Celtics.  From Washburn:

Just because the Pistons acquired Brandon Jennings in a sign-and-trade deal with the Bucks doesn’t mean they’ve lost interest in Rajon Rondo. In fact, they could eventually use Jennings as a trade chip and seek to acquire Rondo. There are going to be several interested parties in Rondo, and that number could increase when he shows he’s fully recovered from anterior cruciate ligament surgery

Now if Joe D can turn Brandon Knight and little used pieces into Brandon Jennings, and then turn Jennings and pieces into Rajon Rondo this would be an absolute steal for Detroit.  Danny Ainge may have had no interest in taking Brandon Knight back in a trade, but would a more established point guard like Jennings be of interest?

This idea that Jennings may be a future chip for Rondo makes his contract seem even better.  With the low amount per season and few years as well, it makes him an even more valuable piece to a team like Boston in full tank-mode.  Plus the trade for Jennings also gives the Pistons a viable starting point guard until Rondo proves he is healthy after ACL surgery.

Pairing Jennings with Monroe for Rondo would solve a lot of the Pistons issues on the court, giving the team a distributor in Rondo while also allowing for more spacing on the court with Josh Smith moving to his natural power forward position.  Rondo can be a bit of a head case off the court, but his presence would elevate this team from potential eight seed to looking towards getting home court advantage to start the season as a four.

This trade offer also makes sense for the Pistons because Monroe’s contract is up after this season and Dumars and co. will have to decide if he is worth that same 5 years and $80 million that Wall received.  His stats say yes, but his ceiling, athleticism and potential lack of chemistry with Drummond and Smith say no.  By moving  Moose it becomes Danny Ainge’s problem to deal with instead of ours.

So what do you think Pistons fans, is Rondo still a pipe dream that can only be accomplished by trading Drummond (which isn’t happening), should the Pistons be happy with Jennings and stay put or do they still need to make moves to be competitive?  Let us know at DetroitSportsBloggers.com or on Facebook and Twitter.

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