Will Tomorrow be Peralta’s Last Game?

In the wake of a possible suspension coming Monday, Jhonny Peralta commented about the situation after Wednesday’s game. Here is what he told the Detroit Free Press:

“I don’t feel nervous,” said Peralta, who could face a lengthy suspension. “But yeah, you know, I worry a little bit. I want to play everyday here. I love to be in Detroit and play with the team.”

Those were the first public comments Peralta has made about the situation. ESPN has reported that Alex Rodriguez and as many as 12 other players could face at least a 50 game suspension for their involvement Major League Baseball Biogeneis laboratory.

Peralta also had a few more things to say about the whole thing.

“Asked if he thought it was wrong that he’s caught up in this situation and is on the list, Peralta said: “I mean, yeah, it’s wrong. Whatever happens right now, I need to fight and try to move on.”

Asked in the morning if he would appeal if he is suspended, Peralta said: “I don’t have a comment yet. I try to see what’s better for everybody and see what can happen.”

Asked again after the game, in which he went 1-for-4 with a double and run scored, if he might appeal, Peralta said: “That’s what we need to talk about it.””

I really wonder if Jhonny will appeal the suspension if he gets one. Personally, if he does get a suspension I think he should just serve it and get it over with that way he can be back for the playoffs. With acquiring Jose Iglesias from the Red Sox, the Tigers should have no problem getting quality production from the shortstop position. I think the bigger concern is Miguel Cabrera’s health.

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