Pistons Making Noise In Off-Season

The Detroit Pistons have brought some excitement so far this off-season by bringing back two members of the 2004 championship team. Rasheed Wallace is now an assistant coach and Mr. Big Shot himself Chauncey Billups has signed a 2 year deal worth 5 million dollars.

These two moves were made after the Pistons had signed forward Josh Smith. The Pistons seem to be getting younger and better. But with that said, Billups, who is 36, is most definitely welcomed back by the team. Here is what Rodney Stuckey said about the return of Billups to the Detroit Free Press.

” “Chauncey’s the best,” said Stuckey, who was in Orlando to meet with new coach Maurice Cheeks and watch the Pistons’ summer-league team. “You can ask anybody around this league, they only have great things to say about him. I think we’re all excited as an organization, but also the fans, too, as well.”

“He’s done great things for the city of Detroit, and you’re just happy to have a guy like that back.”

Here is what Greg Monroe said as well.

“He’s an ambassador of the game,” said teammate Greg Monroe. “I think he’ll help the younger guys on the team advance a little bit quicker because of his knowledge, his maturity and his leadership.”

And here is what Billups himself said.

“As you know, I would have loved to retire a Piston when I was here, but that really wasn’t in the cards. You never say never to any situation. I got nothing but great memories about here and winning, and this building was on fire. I would like for my memories to stay like that.”

For me, I am stoked about what the Pistons have down this offseason. I think Sheed will be a great assistant coach. He will teach the big men many things about the game. As for Billups, he will provide the veteran leadership from the point guard position that the Pistons need. And I’m excited to hear this again.

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