Pistons add Josh Smith, bye-bye Moose?

The Pistons made a big move in free agency today, signing former Atlanta Hawks forward Josh Smith to a four-year $56 million contract.  This is a great deal for the Pistons, Smith is 27, a freak of an athlete and he fills up the stats sheet nightly.

As good of a deal as it is for Detroit it does create an issue on the roster.  Smith is better suited to be a power forward, and the team already has that in Greg Monroe so does that mean that Moose is on the move?

If Boston wants to move Rajon Rondo, the Pistons could offer a deal that includes Monroe and the expiring contracts of Charlie V and Rodney Stuckey and a future first round pick.  This would give Boston a good young front court of the future in Monroe and Kelly Olynyk, while giving coach Brad Stevens the best possible chance to succeed in the NBA.

Even with a trade for Rondo this team would still have some work to do.  Detroit would still have a hole at small forward, with Kyle Singler being the current starter.  If Monroe is moved the team would be in need of a backup power forward/center as well.

For the starter at the three, what about a guy like AK-47, Andrei Kirilenko?  He averaged 12 points, 6 boards and 3 assists last season for the Timberwolves.  At 32 years old he still has a few years left in the tank and would be a good signing for a three-year contract or less.

With the backup forward position I would love to see J.J. Hickson come to town.  He is a double-double guy every night and coming off the bench would bring a lot of energy to the floor.  Paired up with rookie freak athlete Tony Mitchell, the Pistons would have one of the deepest front-courts in the NBA.

So what do you think Pistons fans, is the signing of Josh Smith the start of something big on the court in Motown?  One person for sure is excited about the news:

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