Where Will McCallum, Minnerath, Anderson Go?

With the draft here today, many Detroit Pistons fans got our thoughts on what the Pistons should do and all that early in the last couple of weeks. However, there have been some other news from the draft that has to do with Detroit sports.

Potentially three professional athletes could be coming from this year’s Detroit Mercy squad. Doug Anderson, a SportsCenter Top Ten regular this season, had big news yesterday when he was drafted by the Harlem Globetrotters. Now this doesn’t mean he will play for them, but what a thrill for Doug I’m sure. Congrats to Anderson.

The second one is Nick Minnerath. Many of you probably do not know who he is. However, you might want to look him up. Minnerath has an excellent comeback and is the true meaning of hard work pays off, by overcoming a drug problem. Anyways, Minnerath was rewarded after a First Team All Horizon year with an invitation to the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament. The Tournament only invites 64 NBA prospects. Here is what Minnerath told the Detroit News:

“Portsmouth was definitely a bonus,” Minnerath said. “There’s no question playing for a mid-major you can get overlooked. Once the season was over I started to turn some heads. I was able to show my athleticism and my shooting ability.”

Nick has had workouts with the Celtics, Pacers, Pistons, Rockets, 76ers, Wizards, Warriors. I don’t know if he will get drafted but he is from Boston so I hope the Celtics give him a shot. Best of luck Nick.

And last but not least Ray McCallum Jr. He is the player everyone talks about from Detroit Mercy. He is projected by many to go as high as late first round or second round. After covering the team this year, I had a feeling he was leaving but could never confirm it in time to be the first one to report it. However, Ray was a great person to talk to off the court and even in the classroom. But he has bigger things in mind. Ray’s had many workouts including with the hometown Pistons. Personally, it would be awesome if the Pistons gave him a shot to play close to where he has spent most of his basketball career. But I will be happy for him where ever he ends up. Here is what he thinks about his value to a NBA team, told to the Detroit Free Press:

“I feel like I’m a major asset,” McCallum said. “I can do a lot. I feel like I can run a team being a true point guard. If you need me to score the ball, I feel like I can score the ball and just be a leader, someone who’s always had a strong IQ and a love for the game. I’m always going to bring passion to the game and do whatever’s best to help the team.”

Good luck to all three of these guys. They certainly deserve it.

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