Tigers Upcoming Road Trip

While the Detroit Tigers are in the middle of finishing up 10-game home stand, I thought I would discuss a little bit about the 11 game road trip they are about to be on, starting on Friday. But more specifically the three game set against the Rays.

Game 1: Max Scherzer is going for his 12th victory of the season. But the even more impressive thing is he has zero losses to go with the 11 wins. Max, who won this past week’s American League Player of the Week award, beating out teammate Miguel Cabrera. Scherzer had an excellent week, winning two games, one against the Baltimore Orioles and the Boston Red Sox, respectively. In those two games, Scherzer had a 2.08 ERA and recorded 16 strikeouts in 13 innings.

The Tigers offense will be going up against Alex Colome who is 24 right-hander making only his 3rd start of his major league career. Obviously there is not too much information out there on Colome but the Tigers seem to be real hit or miss when facing a pitcher for the first time. So we will see how they do.Prediction: Tigers 5 Rays 2.

Game 2: For the Tigers, Justin Verlander will be on the mound. He has not been exactly must see JV lately but any given start could be his next no-hitter. We will see which Justin Verlander will show up on Saturday.

The Rays will have another youngster on the mound Saturday in Chris Archer. Archer is 2-3 on the year but is decent looking prospect. However, I think the Tigers behind Justin Verlander will be too much. Prediction: Tigers 3 Rays 1

Game 3: The Tigers will have good ole Rick Porcello on the mound. After pitching well for a stretch there and giving me hope for him, he has come back down to normal Porcello. On that note, in this game I look for him to not have a very good game at all.

As for the Rays, they will have Jeremy Hellickson, who is 6-3 on the year but has a 5.11 ERA so far this year. By looking at his numbers, the Tigers offense who are 1st in batting average and on-base percentage, could have a field day against Hellickson. Prediction: Tigers 6 Rays 8.

As for the remaining part of the trip, Toronto and Cleveland are the other teams the Tigers play. The Blue Jays have been playing very well recently and Cleveland is still hanging in there for second in the A.L. Central. I think the Tigers will go 8-3 on the trip but I would be content with 6-5.

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