New Arena For Red Wings

The Detroit Red Wings will be getting a new stadium. The only thing that is unknown is when.

On Wednesday, plans came together for a new $650 million arena and entertainment area. Not sure when the project or plans well be set into motion but it looks to get the Red Wings out of Joe Louis Arena and into an updated facility.
Here is what Christopher Illitch had to say about the new plans.

“There has been tremendous progress made throughout Detroit over the last decade,” said Christopher Ilitch, president and CEO of Ilitch Holdings. “The location of the (arena and) events center district will not only help to rebuild this neighborhood, but will also serve as a vital connector, bringing together the many efforts completed or under way from the riverfront to Midtown and beyond.”

The planned location is right off of Woodward and it is where I know that many park for Tigers and Lions games. However, a new parking garage is to be built for the Red Wings and, according to the Detroit Free Press:  “The development would include several parking structures with 25,000 square feet of ground-floor retail space, plus 140,000 square feet of mixed office and retail development on Woodward.”

I think this new plan will be not only great for the Detroit Red Wings it will be just another improvement for downtown Detroit. Also, in the Free Press article, they said it would only take about two years once the final plans are made.

It will be very hard to see Joe Louis Arena go but it has served its purpose over the years. Personally, I have been to countless Red Wings games, college hockey games and concerts at the Joe and I don’t mind the building. But if there is one thing that no one will miss, it will be the smell. However, the countless memories in the Joe will be something to always remember.

What’s your favorite memory at the Joe? Let us know either here on Facebook or via Twitter @DSBloggers.

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