Datsyuk Signs New Deal

It is a relief for Detroit Red Wings fans to find out that #13 will be back in a Red Wings jersey for the next four years. The 34 year-old center signed a three-year $23 million extension according to his Twitter account this morning.

Here is what Datsyuk said after the season ended against the Chicago Blackhawks, from the Detroit News.

“I would love to stay,” said Datsyuk, 34, as the Red Wings cleaned out their lockers after a series defeat to Chicago. “Yeah, I hope we agree, and we sign a new deal. I hope we agree and I sign for more (years).”

Also from the Detroit News is a quote from his agent Gary Greenstin.

“He loves his teammates, loves Detroit, and he’s very appreciative of ownership and Mr. (Mike) Ilitch,” Greenstin said Tuesday. “This is a very fair deal for both sides. Both sides wanted to get this done.”

In the first year of the new deal, the 14-15 season, Datsyuk will make $10 million. Next year, he will only make $6.7. million next season.

I don’t care how much they needed or wanted to pay him, he is worth every penny in my book. I might be a little biased but even though Alexander Ovechkin won the league’s MVP award, I still think that Datsyuk is the best two-way player in the NHL. His highlight puck handling and rocket wrist shots are just amazing. The way he skates back and forth and all over the ice amazes me every game. But the fact that he doesn’t show off the way Ovechkin and Crosby and all the guys do when they make a great play is my favorite part about him. He celebrates with his teammates and that is the end of it. I have loved having the privilege of watching Datsyuk and now I get to for the next four years.

Great start to the off-season for the Red Wings.

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