Mo Cheeks and Mo questions

The Pistons have finally decided on a new head coach in Oklahoma City Thunder assistant coach  Maurice Cheeks.  Cheeks has an uninspiring head coaching record of 284-286 (.498) in six full seasons plus two partial seasons in which he was fired with the Portland Trail Blazers and the Philadelphia 76ers.

Even if his record doesn’t show much, Cheeks has been credited with being the calming influence on Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook.  Westbrook has been playing under control more than just running around and trying to do it all on his own, so the Pistons hope he can have the same effect on Brandon Knight.

The biggest news of the day may have come from 97.1 The Tickets’ Matt Dery on Twitter:

And no it isn’t that Cheeks could have four years in Detroit (ha!) it is that the Pistons may be looking to acquire Andre Iguodala if he decides to terminate his contract with the Nuggets.  Iguodala is due to make over $16 million next season but it is expected that he will still walk away from that money to sign a new deal before hitting his 30’s.  The Pistons have a need at small forward, but would they want an aging, potentially max-contract guy to fill that void?

Another option floated out on ESPN is that the Mavericks have a desire to move the 13th pick and Shawn Marion and his $9.6 million expiring contract.  Dallas offered both to Cleveland for their two second round picks, 31 and 33, along with a 2014 pick.  The Pistons have two second round picks, though not as high as Cleveland at 37 and 56, but giving up the additional pick in 2014 would most likely be a deal breaker.

Marion could fit in well here in Detroit for one season, and it is assumed that the team will draft a young small forward with the 8th or 13th pick to grow behind Marion.  His contract would end at the conclusion of the season to give the Pistons more cap space to work with.  If Joe D decides to go for broke this season and the future be damned this could be a possibility, but hopefully will not become a reality.

What do you think Pistons fans, is Mo Cheeks the answer at head coach or another guy brought in the revolving door?  And should the Pistons look to make a big splash with Iguodala or Shawn Marion?  Let us know at or on Facebook and Twitter.


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6 Responses to Mo Cheeks and Mo questions

  1. spencerflynt says:

    The Pistons should be ecstatic if they manage to land Iggy. He would be a great veteran influence on the team, and is still a great defensive player to boot. A core of Knight, Iggy, and Monroe might not be championship contenders, but they could definitely make a splash in the Eastern Conference.

    • Robert Stone says:

      Very true, but hopefully the goal is to return to the top of the Eastern Conference. Iggy would make a major splash in Detroit, but I don’t think that core would top out any higher than a 4 or 5 seed in the playoffs. If that’s what the team wants then bring him in, but I think when Monroe, Knight and Drummond are on the upswing, Iggy will be heading down.

      • spencerflynt says:

        Agreed agreed. I’m a Magic fan, but Detroit has one of my favorite young rosters in the league. Going to be interesting to see where they take it from here.

      • Robert Stone says:

        Detroit has a lot of young talent, it’s just up to Joe D to bring in some veteran talent to supplement it. A concept that scares me with his recent track record.

        Speaking of the Magic, they have been an interesting study since the D-12 trade. You guys are on the right track, just need to make that #2 pick count for something. Dwight use to be one of my favorite players, but I can’t imagine having to deal with that cry-baby drama for a year and a half.

      • spencerflynt says:

        Yeah we have a nice core of our own starting to develop. If we pick anyone, I’m hoping it will be McLemore, he seems to have the highest upside right now.

      • Robert Stone says:

        True, Noel has to add about 50 pounds to be able to attempt to hold his own at the 5. Oladipo is going to be a great player, but he needs to be on a team where he wouldn’t be looked at as a top option for scoring. McLemore is the best choice for you by far.

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