Possible Piston Trades

So with the draft and off-season coming up soon, the Detroit Pistons (I’m hoping) are looking into possible trades they could make.

In a recent post on bleacherreport.com, they talked about 5 trades the Pistons could possibly look into. Here are my thoughts on the trades they talked about.

1. Detroit Pistons trade Jonas Jerebko and Kyle Singler to Houston Rockets for Thomas Robinson and Carlos Delfino

I think that this trade would not be a bad move for the Pistons. Jonas has a large contract and the Pistons did not get that much production out of him this year. However, I feel he can be a productive player in the league with new scenery. The Pistons could use another force down in the paint in Robinson and Delfino is a solid veteran. This could be a fit for the Rockets because they are trying to acquire Dwight Howard.

2. Detroit Pistons trade Greg Monroe and Rodney Stuckey to Boston Celtics for Rajon Rondo

This would be a HUGE move for the Pistons. It would shock the fan base but I would not be that upset if this happened. I feel Rondo would be a great fit and would make all the players around him better. He could possible turn Andre Drummond into a star. And getting rid of Stuckey would be a good thing to do. This would only happen if Boston is willing to start rebuilding.

3.Detroit Pistons trade Greg Monroe and Kim English to Charlotte Bobcats for Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and No. 4 overall pick

This would also shock me if it happened. I’m not quite sure if this trade would be a beneficial move for the Pistons just because of two reasons: 1. I’m not sure who they would take with the No. 4 overall pick this year. 2. I’m not sure if Kidd-Gilchrist would be with trading Greg Monroe for.

4. Detroit Pistons trade Brandon Knight, Kim English and second-round pick to Los Angeles Clippers for Eric Bledsoe and Willie Green

This could be a great trade for the Pistons. It would be a little early to give up on Knight but getting Bledsoe would be worth it. And the other perk of this trade would to see the University of Detroit Mercy alum Willie Green in a Detroit uniform once again.

5. Detroit trades Rodney Stuckey to Phoenix Suns for Michael Beasley and the No. 30 overall pick

I believe this would be the best trade for the Pistons. Beasley is a solid small forward and once again getting rid of Stuckey would be a plus. And having another pick in the first round is a great thing. They could find a steal with the pick. But i think Beasley could star if he comes to the Pistons.

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