Could potential Biogenesis suspensions lead to major prospect trade?

Jhonny Perralta is one of 20 players named with connections to Biogenesis who may be facing a suspension of up to 100 games.  Perralta is currently hitting .335 with six home runs and 26 RBI’s, so losing him for most, if not the remainder, of the regular season would be a huge blow for this team.  He has been instrumental in solidifying the bottom of the order this year and the team does not have a viable short or long-term replacement for him.

Another player on that list is Texas Rangers outfielder Nelson Cruz, who has been equally important in Texas, hitting .264 with 14 home runs and 40 RBI’s on the season.  Losing Cruz would be equally as crushing to the Rangers, which would bring up an interesting point.

Would the Tigers and Rangers be able to put together a trade that could benefit both teams involving two of the top prospects in all of baseball?

The Rangers have Jurickson Profar currently up with the major league club and playing second base due to the injury to Ian Kinsler.  Profar’s natural position is shortstop, but he will have to change positions in the majors if he hopes to crack the Rangers starting lineup, with current shortstop Elvis Andrus recently signing an eight-year, $120 million extension.

Detroit on the other hand has Nick Castellanos in Triple-A learning how to play the outfield because his route to the majors was blocked by the addition of Prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrera moving to third base.  Castellanos is currently hitting .288 with nine home runs and 32 RBI’s for Toledo.  Over his last ten games, Castellanos is hitting .425 with four home runs and eight RBI’s as hit bat is starting to get hot in Toledo.

Both teams value these prospects highly but with the pending need for an outfielder in Texas and a shortstop here in Detroit, would they consider trading these guys?  I think that Detroit would have to offer up more than just Castellanos as Profar is the top prospect in Major League Baseball, but I don’t think that they are that far off.

With both teams having a major need, would that force either teams hand to make a trade before allowing these players that they have developed in their own system make a mark with the big-league club?  It is an interesting wrinkle in the Biogenesis scandal that has and will be rocking baseball until a decision is made.

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