Porcello Pitching Well As Of Late

The Detroit Tigers were unable to get a series victory in Baltimore today, but starter Rick Porcello pitched well enough to earn the win. Which is a good thing for the Tigers moving forward. However, for me the question becomes if Porcello keeps pitching like this, then what should the Tigers do with him before the trading deadline?

I know that I am a little early on this idea but it’s been something I have been thinking about for a while now. I was lucky enough to be in attendance to see Porcello’s gem against the Pittsburgh Pirates last Tuesday at Comerica Park. He went eight innings, only giving three hits, and striking out 11 batters. Today, he went six innings and only giving up three earned runs. So we have seen this in years past from Porcello, but has he finally found consistency?

Well I’m not quite sure if he has found it but he did pitch well today but got the loss. However, manager Jim Leyland took the blame for the loss today.

“I botched it, it was my fault,” he said. “(Porcello) was pitching terrific, but the way the lineup set up, I should have made the move in the seventh. I didn’t make it and it cost us.”

Well, Leyland might take the blame for today, but like I mentioned early I think the bigger question is what the Tigers will do with Porcello. I think the Tigers should seriously consider looking into trading him if he keeps pitching well. I think that they could get a solid and consistent starter in return and maybe someone with a little more playoff experience even though Porcello has a good amount of experience in the postseason. I’m thinking maybe a trade like they pulled off a few years back to acquire Jarrod Washburn. Like I said, it’s still over a month away but it is a possibility if Porcello keeps pitching like he is now.

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