What Should Pistons Do With 8th Pick?

I don’t think the draft lottery Tuesday night went exactly how most Pistons fans wanted it to go last night.

Certainly, it did not make me happy one bit. I knew that the Pistons didn’t have much of a chance to get the No. 1 overall pick of the draft, just 3% as a matter of fact, but I still had hope they would move up a little bit. But with typical Pistons luck lately they remained in the with the No. 8 pick of the draft.

In this recent column by Free Press columnist Drew Sharp, he feels like the Pistons should consider taking Cody Zeller from Indiana with the 8th pick and then trading big man Greg Monroe. Personally, I feel like this would be an awful move for the Pistons to make, I believe that it sends the wrong message to the fan base. I do agree that the Pistons need to take the best player on the board when it is their turn to pick. However, the player I would love to see them select is Shabazz Muhammad from UCLA. Now I know that he has only one year at the college level but he only scored in single digits just once this past season. Also, the most turnovers he had was 5. But the best part about Muhammad is that he is a Small Forward, a position that needs depth for the Pistons. I don’t hate Kyle Singler but Muhammad might just be plain better.

Or do they try to package a deal with the pick and try to rebuild that way?

Well whatever Joe Dumars and the rest of the crew decides to do, if there is not major improvement at the end of next season, you can say good-bye to Joey D. Here is what he said about the 8th pick:

“I’d be telling you how happy I was if we’d have gotten one (the first overall pick), so I’m not going to completely lie to you,” Dumars said.  “But … I’m good with it.  I just talked to Tom Gores about five minutes (ago) and I basically said the same thing … there are no franchise changers, there’s no franchise guy, really, that you’re looking at in this particular draft.

“So to be at seven or eight, we’re going to get a good player.  We’ll add another really nice piece to the core we that already have and we’ll move forward.  So like I said, I’m very, very comfortable with it and OK with it — totally OK with it.”

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