Verlander Will be Fine

Justin Verlander had one of his worse outings of his career on Thursday against the Texas Rangers. However, while most people were freaking out about this start and the last one, Verlander had a different approach to the situation.

“I’ll tell you what it is,” he said, “it’s just consistency and repeating my delivery. It’s a little bit out of sync.”

He also went on to say this:

“For me, it’s just a matter of getting in the bullpen and creating repetition,” he said. “Just feeling myself repeating pitches and carrying it over into the game.”

So it is just a small problem according to Verlander himself. So what does manager Jim Leyland think about this? Here:

“I’m not really worried about him at all,” Leyland said.

And pitching coach Jeff Jones is not worried at all either.

“He hasn’t gone through anything like this in a long time where he has two mediocre starts in a row,” Jones said. “But I’m confident that everything is going to work out fine.”

Along with the two coaches, I am confident that people are overreacting to Verlander’s recent performances. I believe that Verlander will be just fine because he wants to be the best and remain at the top of the league. He even though he has one every award (Rookie of the year, Cy Young and MVP) he still has his pride (a lot of it) and I’m sure he will continue to work hard. His next start is scheduled for Wednesday against Cleveland and I’m sure he will come out fired up and pitch will on Wednesday. He needs to for the people who are freaking out and because his team needs him to pitch well because the Indians are tied for first as of now with the Tigers. But if Verlander continues to struggle, the town of Detroit will be up in arms. But I think Verlander will pitch well and the talk will quiet down.

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