“Ziggy” Coming to Detroit

So after reading up about Ezekiel “Ziggy” Ansah I have come to one conclusion.

This guy is a fast learner.

With just three years of football experience in his whole life, Ansah seems like he knows what to do on the football field.

Ansah, who is listed at 6-5 and 270 pounds, looks like he can be a very solid player at the defensive end position. Physically, I think there is no question he is able to compete on a NFL level. However, from what I have been hearing is that he still has room to improve as for his understanding and knowledge of the game. But from the video I have seen, this guy can play.

Now obviously, the Lions loved what they saw from Ansah. But I think they might have needed other positions first but they stuck to their philosophy of taking the best player available no matter what position. But I can’t argue with the selection too much.

I think the pick is a very high-risk high-reward selection. The Lions will either look like pure geniuses or pure idiots. I don’t think there is a real in-between with this pick. He will either be really good or a complete bust. But with the offensive tackles flying off the board in front of them, I feel the Lions made the right choice.

And the fact that the Lions did lose some of the depth on the defensive line this off-season, I cannot fault the pick. However, here is what some the of the “experts” had to say about being selected as the 5th overall player.

Mike Mayock: “Wow.” “Please understand the magnitude of this story,” Mayock said. “The reason he’s playing football is that the BYU basketball team cut him twice. Then he went to the track team. He never came to football until 2010 as a walk-on.”

Mel Kiper: In terms of a meteoric rise, the No. 1 meteoric rise ever in my 35 years of doing this,” ESPN’s Kiper said. “I’ve never seen a player go from off the radar, undrafted free agent, (a player) nobody knew much about to right now, you’re talking about the fifth pick of the NFL draft.”


Well let’s hope a risk the Lions take finally works out for the better.

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