Tigers Will Be Fine

Well that was an awful ending to a west coast trip.

I would have thought the Tigers would have played better on the road trip but they are no doubt struggling as a whole team right now.

The only thing that has been going well for the Tigers right now is the starting pitching (besides the shelling of Rick Porcello yesterday). Drew Smyly should get the next start in that spot of the rotation.

Doug Fister pitched well today, going seven innings only giving up two earned runs. Fister received a no-decision for his effort today, but him pitching well is a good sign for the team moving forward.

I think that even though they can make it most of the season without a closer, the Tigers will not win the World Series if they don’t have a real closer. But be for we get ahead of ourselves, the real problem to me is the offense inability to hit right now.

With that said, I think that this offense realizes and is at its best when center fielder Austin Jackson is getting on base and the big bats are driving him in. Today, he went o-7. The Tigers will not win many games where Jackson does not get a hit.

However, the Tigers also left 13 men on base today. No one could come up with a big hit but yet people blame Phil Coke for today’s loss.

All I can say this is a big early season series with the Kansas City Royals coming up on Tuesday. The game will have Max Scherzer against Wade Davis. Both pitchers have started off the season well, and I’m sure there will be plenty of strikeouts for both teams in Tuesday’s game.

But these are the games the Tigers must win games against the central division. They may have had a bad west coast trip, but they were 10-8 through 18 games last season and we all know where they ended up at the end of the season. The baseball season is a marathon not a sprint and there is more than plenty of time left in the race.

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