Dumars Needs to Go

Lawrence Frank was fired on Thursday by the Detroit Pistons. The firing did not seem surprising for Pistons fans but this will make the next Pistons coach the 8th one since Joe Dumars as been the president of basketball operations.

In 14 seasons, Dumars will have 8 coaches. EIGHT. This really bothers me.

I honestly do not think it’s the coaches. Joe Dumars has worn out his welcome in Detroit.

Yes he brought the fans a championship in 2004 and it was a season filled with great games and memories. But the fact is since then, the Pistons got older and he removed the pieces from the championship team way too late. Over the 13 completed years, he has done more goofy moves than good ones, especially in recent times.

There are many examples recently, the signings of Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva. Both of these contracts were way too large. Now I know that it probably took the enormous sum of money to get them to come here but if you have to give that much to a six man, then your team has big time issues. I feel like he should have never made those two signings just because of the amount of money.

Besides from having huge contracts on the payroll, Dumars is also not the best drafting president of basketball operations in the league either. In 2003, we all remember the draft selection of center Darko Milicic as the 2nd overall pick. He was taken ahead of players such as Chris Bosh, Carmelo Anthony, and Dwayne Wade. I know this is nothing you have not heard but that kind sums up his drafting history. He has been some what better with the drafting of Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond. However, the team has not been any good the last three years and the coach is always the scapegoat.

I really do believe that Dumars has some players that can lead this team going into the future. But I feel like either Dumars is tired of being here or he just lost his passion for being president. Whatever the case is, I think it’s time for him to go before he makes things worse than they are right now.

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1 Response to Dumars Needs to Go

  1. Robert Bayer says:

    Really Good article that is spot on…
    .. Completely agree … Especially since Joe D apparently doesnt want Bill Laimbeer considered for the next head coach. That really stinks since Laimbeer has paid his dues, has shown he is a good head coach if not a great one, and really wants the job. Instead we have losers like Saunders, Curry, Kuester and Frank .. and we hired them because .. they were not Laimbeer? There certainly were not reasons to hire any of these goofs …

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