Correcting a mistake

Well I made a mistake earlier this week and actually agreed with a one Mel Kiper Jr. on who he thought the Lions should draft.  I have never been a fan of Kiper and knew that this would end up coming back to haunt me.

Well Mr. Kiper didn’t wait long to make me fully regret my decision, by posting his new mock draft yesterday, considered to be the ‘A’ mock draft, and for our Lions it is…horrendous.  I could say more bad things about it from the Lions standpoint, but let’s just get started.

Top needs:  DE, CB, OT, WR, OLB

I think that we can all agree with that part, at least the positions of need are dead on if the order isn’t necessarily correct.  I would move OT to the front and potentially add OG because the Lions are potentially looking at putting Riley Reiff at right guard this season.  If the team doesn’t get a starting-caliber tackle in the draft then Reiff will have to move back outside.

Now here comes the fun:

Rd. 1 (1) CB Dee Milliner, Alabama (via Kansas City) 

Dee Milliner to the Lions, doesn’t seem so bad.  Oh wait, Kiper has Detroit trading UP in the draft to get him! And #1! And he wants the Lions to give up a first round pick next year!  For a guy they could get at five!  And isn’t that high on the teams needs!


(Cool down)

As you can probably tell I’m not a huge fan of that idea.  The Lions have a chance to get Milliner at number five and moving up and giving away assets is something this team cannot afford.  If the team was a player away from contending for a playoff spot or a Super Bowl, then fine, move up.  But that isn’t where this team is.

If this team is moving anywhere in the draft, it better be down.  According to Mlive, the Dolphins are looking to move up and grab one of the top tackles, Joeckel, Fisher and Lane Johnson from Oklahoma.  Miami has the 12 pick in the draft, along with an extra second- and third-round pick acquired from previous trades.

According the Todd McShay, because Kiper is clearly insane, some of the players that would be available in the 10-14 area are Jonathan Cooper, Guard from UNC; Xavier Rhodes, Corner back Florida State; and (gulp) Taveon Austin, WR from West Virginia.  A lot of strange things could happen in the first round so who knows, but our full predictions are coming later in the week.

Rd. 2 (36) DE Bjoern Werner, Florida St.

Werner was pegged by many to go to the Lions as soon as the college football season ended.  Of course many of those had him going to Detroit with the fifth pick, so to say his stock has been hurt would be a gigantic understatement.  Werner doesn’t have the athleticism that scouts thought he did, but he is still a solid player.  I would have no problem with the Lions taking a guy like Werner, because you know exactly what he is going to bring to the table.

On the complete athletic opposite side of the coin, Kiper has a DE still available at this point named Margus Hunt from SMU.  Hunt was a workout warrior at the combine, combining a 6’8″, 277 pound frame with a 4.6 40-yard dash, 34.5 inch vertical and 38 reps of 225 pounds.  The downside is he has only played four years of football in his life and is another very raw defensive end prospect.  But different from Ezekiel Ansah from BYU he will be drafted in the second round, which means less pressure to perform right away.

Rd. 3 (65) WR Aaron Dobson, Marshall

Man, a wide receiver, Kiper you are killing me.  One thing the Lions haven’t been able to do is find their own Victor Cruz, a guy drafted way late in the draft and developed into a star.  Lets give it a shot this year instead guys?  No receiver early, I’m begging you.  Lots of cornerbacks, linebackers and even more defensive ends available this late, please take one of them instead.  And if it isn’t asking too much, pick one who can play in the NFL.

All in all, I think that Kiper is and has always been not very good at predicting the NFL Draft.  If I had all year to do nothing but watch game film on kids, I could look like I know more than everyone, but I don’t.  So maybe deep down I’m just jealous of his job.  But “draft expert” seems to have the hit rate of “weatherman” so who knows besides the folks in Allen Park what the Lions are think (and boy do I hope they know what’s going on.)  If you have any draft comments to add, please let us know at or on Facebook and Twitter.

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