Last second bold predictions

So it’s Opening Day and April Fools Day and who doesn’t want to have fun with that.  I’ve seen posts on Facebook that involve the Tigers getting Giancarlo Stanton and I have another name the Tigers should look at.  My bold prediction for the Tigers involves moving Nick Castellanos.

The Tigers trade Nick C., Avisail Garcia, Rick Porcello and Don Kelly (why not Donny K) for Jurickson Profar from the Texas Rangers to replace Jhonny Peralta.

All offseason I wanted the Tigers to talk to Texas about trying to get Elvis Andrus, but he signed a eight-year $120 million contract and will be in Texas for a long time.  Profar is considered to be one of, if not the best, prospects in baseball and plays the same position as Andrus.  One of them is likely to be moved and now that is more likely Profar.

The Rangers could move Profar to second and have one of the best middle infield’s in the MLB, but more likely will look to move the 20-year old for a huge haul.

I honestly don’t know if that package would be enough to get Profar from the Rangers, but I would love the move to improve the team’s defense and have another young piece to build around.  Profar will be cheap and under the team control for a long time.

Curtis has his own little prediction, that the team will NOT make a deal at the deadline for a closer.  The bolder point, in my opinion, is that Joaquin Benoit will lead the team in saves on the season.

So what do you, the fans think will come from this season?  Let us know at or on Facebook and Twitter.

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