So, how’d I do?

The first weekend of the NCAA Tournament is in the books with one #1 seed out and one #15 seed in the Sweet 16.  Some teams performed up to their best in both games while others not so much.  Time to see what category my predictions fall into from the first weekend.


The Midwest seems like it is my best bracket by far, with the fewest upsets of course it is.  But in the Second Round I went seven-for-eight with the only wrong pick being in the 8/9 game of Colorado State over Missouri.  As for the Third Round I went a solid four-for-four to make it eleven-for-twelve in this bracket.


The West bracket is a mess, and I was hoping it would actually get worse.  In the Second Round I went four-for-eight, blowing my upset pick of Belmont, having any faith in Wisconsin or Kansas State and New Mexico losing as well.  I said Harvard could win, but counting that would be the biggest cop-out, so if I would have just grown a pair and not been scared I would have picked them.  In the Third Round it didn’t go real well.  I went an Mitch McGary at the free-throw line-like one-for-four getting only the Shockers over Gonzaga and blowing the rest.  Oh well, five-for-twelve kinda sucks.


Compared to the West I couldn’t do any worse, so anything has to be an improvement on that right?  For the Second Round I went six-for-eight missing the 8/9 game again (I’m not good at those) and the Florida Gulf Coast University upset of Georgetown.  But I made it up to the Eagles in the Third Round going four-for-four after nailing every game.  Overall in the South I went ten-for-twelve, respectable even.


Finally the East region in the Second Round I went five-for-eight, missing the 8/9 game, Cal upsetting UNLV and another upset pick gone wrong with Bucknell over Butler.  The Third Round went a lot smoother with all chalk moving on and led me to go four-for-four.  A final bracket of nine-for-twelve could have been worse.

In the first rounds a final score of 35-for-48 for a passing grade of 73%.  If it will get me through college then it is good enough for March Madness picks in the first few rounds.  Check back in later on in the week for Sweet 16 picks and if you have anything to share as always feel free to at or on Facebook and Twitter.


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