We are going streaking!

Our Detroit Pistons are in Miami tonight to face the Heat and it is a meeting of two teams heading in completely different directions.  Miami is in search of its 25th straight victory while the Pistons are trying to avoid their 10th straight loss.

Detroit has been outscored in the month of March, where they have lost all 10 games, 971-813 and lost by more than 30 three times in that stretch.  It has been an ugly month and I’m honestly not sure if this team even cares anymore about what’s left on the season.

But this is more about the streak in Miami, or what I call an indictment on how bad basketball is in the NBA.  Exactly half of the Heat’s wins have come against teams currently in the playoffs, but only three wins were against teams in the top four of their conference.

Now it isn’t the Heat’s fault they are playing a poor schedule, you still have to win the games in front of you to keep such a streak alive.  But to say that this streak is comparable to the ’71-’72 Lakers is nearly laughable.

For starters, with expansion the talent is so spread out that the amount of ‘great’ teams is very small.  With most of the great teams being in the Western Conference, the Heat wouldn’t play them very often.  In fact the only team in the East that has a chance to matchup with the Heat is Indiana, who are 2-1 against the Heat and gave them their last loss.

Like I said, I don’t blame the Heat for playing teams that aren’t any good, but it shows that this streak doesn’t really compare to the Lakers.  If the Heat do win more games, their streak should be considered more impressive because these streaks will be looked at in sheer number of wins.

Former Lakers guard and current Golden State Warriors executive Jerry West had this to say about the streak:

It may not end.  That’s why I think it’s so remarkable. I look at the schedule and I see one team on there that’s a terrific team and obviously that’s the Spurs. That would be a game that I would be concerned about, playing in San Antonio and they’re going to have Tony Parker back by then.

Detroit has no business winning this game and I don’t see them being the one’s to end the streak for Miami, especially the way they are playing.  To put it in terms of the March Madness, this would be a 16 beating a one seed.  And that has never happened.

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