Michigan Barely Tops Michigan State

Yes, Michigan pulled off a much-needed victory over rival Michigan State Spartans. Yes, they earned the win without hitting a single 3-point shot, a key to their offensive success.

But don’t be gloating Michigan fans: if this team is going to make a run in March, Michigan will have to play a lot better than they did today and better than they have.

With today’s win, the Wolverines did strengthen their resume but they didn’t impressive me today. I thought that they did not run the offense very well. With that said, there is no question this was one of their best defensive performances of the year. They forced the Spartans to 18 turnovers, which was caused the Wolverines to sneak away with the win.

If there is one bigger thing for Michigan fans to be happy about, it is the fact Michigan showed some toughness inside the paint today. It happened with two players, Jordan Morgan and freshman Mitch McGary. Even though as a team, the Wolverines gave up way too many offensive rebounds, 17 to be exact. However, both Morgan and McGary made some quality rebounds and big plays when they needed to.

As for the Spartans, they will be just fine. They have had a very tough stretch here to end the conference season for them, and have competed in every game. They had a chance to win the last three they have lost, including today. In fact, at the end I thought they were going to.

But for State fans, I feel like you can’t blame today’s or any loss on one player (Appling). All I see is people just ripping on this kid the last three games, from both the media and so-called fans. Well, he is still State’s leading scorer and point guard. And even though Trey Burke got the best of him at the end of the game, I think Appling’s best basketball is still ahead of him. And if I know you State fans, that’s what really matters, right?

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