Who Will the Pistons Draft?

I know last week that I talked about the Detroit Pistons making the NBA playoffs.

I don’t want to sound like a bandwagon fan but just watching the way they played this week, it is hard to believe they will make the playoffs as an eight seed, or at all.

So for me, it is time to look at the mock drafts.

On NBADraft.net, the Detroit Pistons are projected to have the 9th and 39th pick. With the 9th pick, they have the Pistons picking Indiana’s Victor Oladipo. I feel if he does fall all the way to 9th, he would be a pretty good fit for the Pistons. He is a very explosive player who does everything well. Dick Vitale even compared him to the great Michael Jordan, (I think that’s a bit much to say the least). However, I do believe Oladipo would provide athleticism which the Pistons can very well use.

As for the 39th pick, they had the Pistons selecting Mike Muscala, a 6′ 11″ forward from Bucknell.

On hoopsworld.com, they also had the Pistons picking in the same two spots. This time though, the Pistons take Archie Goodwin, a freshman from Kentucky. Goodwin is a 6′ 5″ shooting guard who is averaging 13.9 points per game. As for the 39th pick, the site had the Pistons picking Lucas Nogueira, who plays in the ABC league internationally.

So the mock drafts all over the place but I really do believe the Pistons should take the best player available strategy when it comes to this coming draft. They can use all the talent they can get at any position. Personally, an athletic small forward or another big man would be the preferred pick for me.

Be advised Pistons fans that they do have a large sum of money coming off the payroll after the season so they may just be major players in free agency. However, they still need to try to build through the draft, something Joe Dumars has had trouble doing over the years.

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