Titus Young Released Again

Well the journey continues for former Detroit Lions wide receiver Titus Young.

In just 10 days the wide receiver was cut by a second team, this time being the St. Louis Rams. Here is the first few lines from the USA Today article:

“Titus Young’s stay with the St. Louis Rams was brief. The wide receiver has been placed on waivers after only a few days in St. Louis.

Coach Jeff Fisher said Friday the Rams picked up Young before they had much time to do any background checks. He concluded that Young was “not the best option” for the Rams.

“We saw Titus as an outstanding young player,” Fisher said. “We spent time with him, we spent probably four or five days with him. We decided it was best for us to go in a different direction.”

It is pretty sad when someone or a team can tell that they want to release you after only a few days. Obviously, the Rams were not too impressed with something regarding his personality traits and decided to let him go. Which leads me to the ask the question of what team (if any) gives Titus Young another shot?

Personally, I can only think of one team. I could see the Oakland Raiders giving him a chance to prove himself. But other than that, I don’t see him getting a shot.

I just don’t understand why he runs his mouth on twitter or at all. It is for sure not helping his odds of getting an NFL team to sign him and nobody believes anything he says (besides himself).

Watching him play (when he did play) for the Lions he has a good dose of talent and could be very effective in the NFL as a No. 2 or 3 wide receiver for a good team. But he’s looking to be the number one guy and that simply put, won’t happen.

My advice to Titus is just to be happy with being a good wide receiver and change your attitude. Because if he doesn’t he will be in the spot he is now, without a job.

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