What Do the Lions Need?

With the Detroit Lions releasing offensive guard Steven Peterman, wide receiver Titus Young  and defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch this week, where do the Lions go from here?

Obviously they need to replace the positions that these guys played, but they also need help in many other areas. Here is the top three areas I think they need to address:

1. The secondary: There is no question this is the biggest area that needs improvement. Way too often last year the Lions got be by a big pass play. They need to make sure that they resign cornerback Chris Houston and safety Louis Delmas. These two are the best players the Lions had in the respective positions last year, so to try to provide some kind of stability in the secondary would be nice to do.

2. Offensive Line: The Lions might end up releasing center Dominic Raiola as well this off-season so they must acquire solid offensive line help. I’m not sure how they plan on doing this but it will either have to be either through the draft or free agency. Hopefully, they will sign a veteran leader on the line so they can have someone quality leadership in that position.

3. Linebackers: Now I think the Lions will be OK in this area if they are able to resign DeAndre Levy and Justin Durant. If they don’t resign both of them however, it will be a tough spot to be in. Cause if that happens then I think they would have to use a draft pick on a linebacker. Let’s hope that the Lions will be able to dish out enough money to both of them to get them to stay in Honolulu blue and silver uniforms.

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1 Response to What Do the Lions Need?

  1. Duane says:

    The Lions are in such a tough cap position it could be very hard to improve without finding a couple of diamonds in the rough

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