New Red Wings Schedule

We know the Detroit Red Wings will be playing 48 games of hockey this season. What we don’t know quite yet is where or who they will be playing for every game.

Reports are that the NHL will released its revised short season later on today. But as of now what we do know is that the Red Wings will play their first home game against the Dallas Stars on Jan. 22nd.  We also know that they win play on Jan. 19th against the St. Louis Blues and on the 21st versus Columbus Blue Jackets. Also, we know that Red Wings will end the season in Dallas on April 27th.

The Red Wings will enter this season with out Nicklas Lidstrom as their captain. New Red Wing captain Henrik Zetterberg will be leading the way for years to come. However, since most of you probably forgot about last season, here is some of the season’s highlights.

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