Any progress made given right back

The Pistons were well on the way to having a five game winning streak, modest for most team but a huge step for this one, until they forgot how to run any sort of offense in the fourth quarter and overtime to lose last night.

Now I don’t expect this team to play well enough to win every game, and a slip up here and there is acceptable.  But not to the Bobcats.  Charlotte is awful and Detroit should be them every time they play, no matter how many in a row they have won or lost.

But when you go 4-0 on a home stand and only have to beat the Bobcats to finish 5-0, this becomes a loss that is very disappointing.  It gets even worse when the teams you beat are Miami (without D-Wade), Milwaukee, Sacramento and Atlanta.

All of the progress the young Pistons made was given right back with the end of the game performance.  It started to seem like this team had learned how to win close games and close out teams when necessary, but by letting the lowly Bobcats back in it just helps return the doubters on not only this years Pistons, but the future.

The Pistons don’t play again until Friday so they have some time to work out some kinks and get in the right state of mind before then.  But it’s a tough stretch coming up with at Milwaukee Friday before coming home to play the Jazz on Saturday and then against the Knicks on Thursday in London.  It would be nice for the Pistons to come home with a three game winning streak, but it will also be a nice test against three potential playoff teams as well.

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