The most interesting prospect in the 2013 NFL Draft

As the college bowl season starts to wind down, the top end prospects of the junior class start to announce if they are returning to school or not, so mock drafts and draft boards start to look a bit more clear.  One name that is interesting to most draft pundits and people of the state of Michigan is Denard Robinson and where he is projected to go and what position he will play.

Right now, Mel Kiper Jr. has Robinson as the eleventh best wide receiver currently coming out of college.  Take that in and think about it.  Yes, Denard is a special athlete who can do a lot of things on the football field, but how many games did he play at receiver in college?  Single digits?

And the amount of practice time he got at the position?  Minimal at best.

Can he catch, how are his hands?

These are things that will have to wait until the combine and his individual workouts, but I think such a high-grade on Robinson with very little evidence of what he can do is a bit much.

Don’t get me wrong, I think that Denard will do great in the NFL if he is in the right system that will use his many talents, but it will take the right fit for that to happen.  His rookie year in the NFL will probably look a lot like his freshman season at Michigan, a change of pace type player who is still learning the NFL offense.

We will see what kind of player he will become at the NFL level, but as we know with Tim Tebow all it takes is one coach/team to love you to give you a chance and that is all Shoelaces will need.

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