Lions End Year With Eight Straight Losses

The 2012 version of the Detroit Lions had something that most Detroit Lions teams from the past did not have. Expectations.

I feel that is what makes this season so disappointing. This team has so many die-hard fans and their faith is tested every season because you never have an idea of what you are going to get from this team. I don’t think anyone would have guessed a four win season. But that is exactly what happened.

There have been talks about Jim Schwartz being fired during the off-season. I think there is more wrong with this team than the head coach. The biggest thing that cost the Lions games this year was amount of turnovers they had.

Like today, they had four of them. And all four of the turnovers came on the Lions side of the 50. Just watching the game today summed up the whole season in my eyes. They were so close in today’s game but they just ended up hurting themselves with the turnovers. I also feel like the defense did not play that bad but rather the offense set them up to fail. The Lions defense held the Bears to 16 points off the four turnovers. I believe that has been the situation most of the year.

But the Lions have to keep moving forward. Last year, was not a fluke but a sign of things to come with a few more pieces added to the puzzle. The secondary can obviously use some help and the offensive line too.

However, the eight losses in a row really hurt. The first three were all games the Lions should have won and they lost a lead late in those games, all at home. If they win two of those games, I believe the season would have been completely different. But that’s football.

And in football there is always next year. Lions fans know that all to well.

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