Lions struggles continue

Last night the Lions put forth another less-than stellar performance on national TV, falling 31-18 to the Atlanta Falcons.  Admittedly, the Falcons are a great team this season and had a lot to play for, but the same mistakes continue to haunt Detroit throughout the season.

The Lions committed three turnovers that led to 17 points for the Falcons and in one of the all-time bone headed plays Stefan Logan took a knee at the four-yard line after receiving a punt after the Lions safety.  This led to one of the more entertaining reactions from coach Jim Schwartz I have ever seen (courtesy of SB Nation GIFs)

Matt Stafford set an NFL record with 443 yards passing and zero touchdowns, the most yards passed for without a touchdown.  Calvin Johnson may have broken the yearly receiving record, but Stafford’s record should stand for more.  It shows that this team has more garbage time yardage than any team in the league and almost makes Megatron’s record seem empty.

With only one game left against the Chicago Bears at home, in a game the Bears have to win to have a chance at the playoffs, this season is mercifully almost over. With all the luck the team had last season to make the playoffs they have been equally as unlucky this season with late game losses and nine starters on IR.  2013 will tell if this season or last year, or both, were the outliers and what this team should really be.

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