Should Jim Schwartz be Fired?

Well that was a tough game. But at least Calvin Johnson keeps making history this year. Everyone has their mind-set on something else however.

The Detroit Lions lost to the Arizona Cardinals 38-10 tonight and everyone is calling for the firing of Jim Schwartz. However, the question is, will he be the one to go at the end of the year?

I do not think Schwartz will be fired by the Lions. I think he has one more year to turn things around here. Personally, if I were the Lions, I would let the whole staff go. What I believe will happen is offensive coordinator Scott Linehan and defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham will be fired. But I feel like if they did that then it will be another rebuilding year next year.

I am hoping they address what the real problem is and deal with it. Something is obviously not right in the Lions locker room and needs to be fixed. This team has plenty of talent offensively to compete with any team in the NFL. Defensively, they have some quality players in the front seven but can use major help in the secondary.

There is no question that it has been a very disappointing year for the team and its fans. But the fan base can’t give up hope. This team does have talent at key positions and with the right leadership, could be back to making the playoffs hopefully next year. But honestly, it looks like Schwartz has lost this team and unless they absolutely tear up the roster, Schwartz is the most likely party to depart.

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4 Responses to Should Jim Schwartz be Fired?

  1. Sean Breslin says:

    I’d understand Lions fans who think he should be fired, because this has been a pitiful season for Detroit.

  2. Lions Suck says:

    who cares SOL…(Same OId Lions)…they suck. But in reality, he is a terrible coach and needs to be gone

  3. Matt says:

    I don’t agree at all. Yes it’s been a rough year but scwartz is the first coach in many years that I really feel good about. Everyone is so quick to dismiss someone that was a coach of the year candidate just a year ago. People are so darn fickle. Show some support already

  4. RS says:

    The lions are the most undisciplined team in the NFL. With a better coach, they could really be an elite team. Schwartz must be gone if the lions are to ever get past barely average. If the Fords do not fire Schwartz, they are basically showing that they are content with a mediocre team.

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