What’s going on with the Lions?

Well it has been a very long week for the Detroit Lions off the field. Both Ndamukong Suh and have made headlines for the wrong reasons in the last few weeks. Suh was fined by the NFL 30,000 dollars for his so-called kick on Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub. Then later in the week, Titus Young came back to the Lions practice facilities and a very productive interview with the media. Here is the interview that took place, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Q. What led to your absence from the team for last week’s loss to the Houston Texans?

A. “Well, what happens in house stays in house.”

Q. Are you disappointed you’ve been sent home from the facility twice in six months?

A. “Well, I just made my comment on that whole situation.”

Q. How are you progressing this week to get back in the playing mix?

A. “Well.”

Q. Do you expect to play Sunday?

A. “Well, that’s all in God’s hands.”

Q. Lions coach Jim Schwartz said you need to be more accountable, is this part of that?

A. “Well, you have to talk to Coach about that.”

Q. What would you say to fans who wonder if they can trust you again?

A. “Well, I’m not here to talk about that past.”

Q. Do you understand why people are curious about your situation?

A. “I didn’t get the question.”

(The question was repeated, and Young, who wore sunglasses and a stocking cap during the interview, did not respond.)

Q. Are you disappointed in yourself?

A. “I’m not here to comment about the past.”

But he was not the only Lions player to talk to the media on Friday. Center Dominic Raiola had this to say about Young.

“It’s not a distraction because we have moved on from him,” Raiola said. “If he wants to be an a——, let him be an a——. It’s not my problem. What we can control is the guys who want to be here. I want people who want to be here, and I think everybody else wants the same thing.”

“If you don’t want to be here, then leave.”

At this point in time, I will have to agree with Raiola. Even though Young has shown some potential, he is obviously not a favorite person inside of the clubhouse. So personally, he needs to be on his way out of Motown. Cause this is the last thing the Lions need right now.

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