Lions Lose, Defense Needs Help

Well, it was a game that the Detroit Lions needed to win. But like so many times before, they didn’t.

The Lions fall to 4-5 on the season as they lost to the Minnesota Vikings 34-24 today. In the process, they showed once again that there are many holes on this year’s team.

Offensively, they could not establish the running game, with Mikel Leshoure only gaining 43 yards in today’s game. However, the bigger problems were on the defensive side of the ball.  Adrian Peterson simply destroyed the Lions defenders and made them look silly. The Lions also don’t have depth on defense due to injuries, which makes it even harder for the team to make stops. The defensive needs help and adjustments must be made.

If the Lions want to compete for the playoffs this season, they will more and likely have to win six of their last seven games. They have a very tough schedule including two games against Green Bay and one against Chicago. Unfortunately, other games include the Texans on Thanksgiving, and the Colts. 

Despite the best effort from Calvin Johnson today, the Lions came up short against a team they needed to defeat. Without a win today, the road just got a whole lot harder for the Lions to make the playoffs this season.

But here’s something for entertainment since the Lions lost today.

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