PItching matchups are set… advantage Detroit

Today the pitching rotations were announced for the World Series and it appears that the Tigers are going to have an early advantage through games 1-4 as well as the series as a whole.

The first four matchups are as so:

Game 1: Justin Verlander vs. Barry Zito
Game 2: Doug Fister vs. Madison Bumgarner
Game 3: Anibal Sanchez vs. Ryan Vogelsong
Game 4: Max Scherzer vs. Matt Cain

In game one JV should dominate both the Giants and Zito to give the Tigers an early advantage.  As for the other three games. the Tigers should have the advantage in the pitching match up in every game except for maybe in game four.

With Matt Cain, the Giants best pitcher, not being available until game four, it means he will be unable to pitch in a potential game seven on normal rest.  On the other hand, JV will pitcher games one, five and be available for relief duty if necessary in a decisive game seven.

These results give the Tigers a decisive advantage in the starting pitching.  The issue for pitching should be how Jim Leyland is able to handle his bullpen, with closer Jose Valverde still unable to get back on track during the inter-squad scrimmages.

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