Cardinals or Giants?

So now that we know the 2012 the Detroit Tigers are in the World Series, who would you rather see them play? I know who my answer is.

I would much rather see the Tigers play the Giants for one reason only. For whatever reason, it seems like the Cardinals can not lose in the postseason. So if the Giants could some how come back from the 3 games to 1 deficit it would be a pretty amazing feat. But for some reason I feel the Tigers will play the Redbirds from St. Louis.

The Tigers will have a shorter amount of time to prepare for their opponent than the last time their were here in 2006. Despite this fact, here is what Sports Illustrated writer Michael Rosenberg says about the Tigers:

“The Tigers sprayed faux champagne, out of courtesy to star Miguel Cabrera, who has undergone alcohol counseling. But the team itself is the real deal. Their starting pitchers are rolling like few staffs in recent history, and that’s why they should be World Series favorites.”

But I not going to look too much into that because they were favorites in 2006 as well. If the Tigers do play the Cardinals, they will have their hands full. The Cardinals are a pesky team who always find a way to keep themselves in a game, which is a good thing for them but a bad thing for anyone they play.

But it will be up to manager Jim Leyland to keep the team focused moving forward. Here is what Jon Paul Morosi said about Leyland and the Tigers:

 “In the end, two of Leyland’s most enduring characteristics — everyday toughness and certainty when faced with external doubt — rubbed off on his team. The season wasn’t a yearlong love affair between the team and its fan base, as it was in 2006. And maybe that’s a good thing. These Tigers are more battle-tested, with hardened resolve. They don’t want to settle now.” 

Let’s hope they don’t settle until they bring the title home.

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